BTARDs is out NOW!!!

August 07, 2019

still... We fucking suck at interneting.... buuuut...

"bloody tubs and rubber ducks" is out right now!! you may have already seen because it's been available since it dropped sept. 23, but in case you just got the news, it is here!! 2 discs packed with suicidal thoughts wrapped into a wonderful single case of fucking beauty!! also came along with some new merch, such as the dope as fuck btardS shirts, and signed delphinium gore posters. but you better move that suicidal ass quick, because the shirts and posters are one-run limited edition!! hard copies and merch available here on the store, and download and streaming spots got it all over for your digital needs!! 

Bloody Tubs & Rubber Ducks

August 07, 2019

We fucking suck at interneting.... well shit...

if you keep up with our social media or the scrubcast, you already know some shit is dwelling... the next full length muhfuckin lp is coming!! #bloodytubsandrubberducks!! the first ever suicide saint double disc release is coming packed with that suicidal freshness!! all the beats made by us, all the art by us, and the mixing by us (with some extra cleaning up on the beats coming from dxwnbeat). 

this release is coming equip with a whole new line of merch, and tons of more surprises!! keep your eyes open because more news will be dropping soon, most likely first on the scrubcast, so tune the fuck in every monday at 10pm est!!

The Dark Hip Hop Fesitival!!!

March 24, 2019

The Brimstone Lab Presents
The Dark Hip Hop Festival
(Hosted By Swing Dee Diablo)

an Audio Black Ritual performed by
Black Magik The Infidel

with performances from
Tre.L.B. from Chop Shop, suicide saints,

Killazdonttalk, Ouija Board Bricks

& More
to be announced!

June 22nd, 2019 @
The Trumbullplex
4210 Trumbull
Detroit, MI

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