We've been in the background (as normal) working on special gifts and surprises, and this thanksgiving you'll get our next musical gift of this fucking outpour of shit we been dropping since "sainthain 2020". twas followed by the footage from rapping in a fucking treehouse at night of fear 3, the epic and horrifying "paranormal saintivity: exploring seven gables road", and now we shall be bringing you "pissing in the mainstream"!! 

the title originally came from the late homie, basket case, and a project he always talked about making. we shall continue his memory with this!! a full mixtape of tracks you may already know, saintified to be dope as fuck and not radio friendly!! we piss all in the muthafuckin mainstream!!

with guest appearances from midnyte, hemic, delphinium gore & beth (our frankensaint brides), "neet" jim, and the homie alex's debut in the studio for some adlib-ness!! 

r.i.p. basket case!!

on Thanksgiving,

we're giving!!

unholy fucking shit we got behind again...


We fucked up again and got behind... but 2020 been pretty fucking whack anyway. Here's a catch up, we had two dope shows in Michigan, footage is (and coming) to YouTube. Peep it on the Murderous Media tab or somewhere, just fucking look around!! Dropped Sainthain 2020. It's available for FREE DOWNLOAD on the Bandcamp. Go fucking get it. Explored Seven Gables Road, and dropping the first edition of our new paranormal hunt ghost shit movie thing, "Paranormal Saintivity: Exploring Seven Gables Road" dropping November, Friday the 13th, AND we got a mixtape full of beats we stole from songs y'all probably know dropping this month called "Pissing in the Mainstream". Stay the fuck tuned. We may have been perma-fried from Chronic Illness, but bitch we still kickin!! 

Bandcamp CI Cover.png


Look at us fucking sucking at the internet again... Dropped a whole ass new E.P. and didn't even post it on our own website.... #SuicideStonerShit.... 

None the fucking less, "Chronic Illness" is digitally out now all over the place! Get your copy to download for $4.20 either right here on the Saint site, or our bandcamp. Hard copies coming very soon, with a whole new line of merch to go with it!! Stay tuned! And 6 feet the fuck away from eachother!!

Chronic Illness is out now!!

Party With Us New Years Eve!!


Again, we fucking suck at interneting and have missed posting about a lot on our own site... we are fucking scrubs too, and we should probably kill ourselves. as of now, the best place still to keep up to date with us is the scrubcast, every monday night at 10 est. find it on the home page here, or join the chat free at spreaker.com/suicidesaints.... but anyway, next live dopeness on zee saint agenda...

we got tickets on deck now for $10, hit us up and get em mailed with no shipping costs!! 

Let’s party like it’s 1999!
RoxxxTv Presents
“Countdown to 2020”
Project Born + Ant G are bringing in the New Year with a party Detroit will not soon forget ! With opening act performances from K. Daver, The Michigan Misfits, Valo, Medikal Recordz, YB Huncho, Capp C, HB the Grizzly, Suicide Saints , & Hemic .
All this is going down @ Simon’s After Dark in Allen Park so Prepare for The party of century !
Hosted by the Mysterious Performers “20 Year Time Machine”

cover edit fin.jpg


still... We fucking suck at interneting.... buuuut...

"bloody tubs and rubber ducks" is out right now!! you may have already seen because it's been available since it dropped sept. 23, but in case you just got the news, it is here!! 2 discs packed with suicidal thoughts wrapped into a wonderful single case of fucking beauty!! also came along with some new merch, such as the dope as fuck btardS shirts, and signed delphinium gore posters. but you better move that suicidal ass quick, because the shirts and posters are one-run limited edition!! hard copies and merch available here on the store, and download and streaming spots got it all over for your digital needs!! 

BTARDs is out now!!

Bloody Tubs & Rubber Ducks


We fucking suck at interneting.... well shit...

if you keep up with our social media or the scrubcast, you already know some shit is dwelling... the next full length muhfuckin lp is coming!! #bloodytubsandrubberducks!! the first ever suicide saint double disc release is coming packed with that suicidal freshness!! all the beats made by us, all the art by us, and the mixing by us (with some extra cleaning up on the beats coming from dxwnbeat). 

this release is coming equip with a whole new line of merch, and tons of more surprises!! keep your eyes open because more news will be dropping soon, most likely first on the scrubcast, so tune the fuck in every monday at 10pm est!!



The Brimstone Lab Presents The Dark Hip Hop Festival.
(Hosted By Swing Dee Diablo)

Featuring an Audio Black Ritual performed by Black Magik The Infidel.

with performances from Tre.L.B. from Chop Shop, suicide saints, Killazdonttalk, Ouija Board Bricks & More to be announced!

June 22nd, 2019 @ The Trumbullplex
4210 Trumbull
Detroit, MI

The Dark Hip-hop Festival

Prom Night Rejectz!!


​Murder House Records present: Prom Night Rejektz.

Featuring Live performances from: Troubled Mindz, Damien Quinn, Gxdhatesus, Knowledge Da MC, Scrub Central, Death Squad, Suicide Saints, T.W.O, And more...

Bob Roxxx will be the Dj for the night.

Raffles - Prizes -Dress up like your going to a horror Prom for your chance to Be the Prom King and Queen.



Lately (unless you tune into the scrubcast every monday, which you should), things over here on the official saint site have been pretty silent... not meaning nothing is happening though. we assure you things are still happening... one of which, we've mentioned on the scrubcast (again, you should tune in) is the next album.. there is still no planned release date, but it simply goes by the name "bloody tubs and rubber ducks". fully done in house by us, all the beats, production, art, everything. this will be dropping sometime this year. also, stay tuned. another show announcement is right around the corner! 

Not gone, Just in the casket...

Going Back to Detroit


Hosted by Swing Dee Diablo.

with performances by Black Magik the Infidel, Daniel Dahmer, Ouija Board Bricks, KDT, New Age Of Terror, & Suicide Saints.

February 22, 2019

The Old Miami

3930 Cass ave, detroit, mi, 48201

night of brimstone.jpg
LOVExHATE cover.jpg


This year, we spread more hate on valentine's day than we normally would. but fuck it, everyone hates us anyway. get the download or stream it free at any of the following spots. hopefully you don't relate too much...

happy fucking valentine's day. cupid is still dead.

We bring you.... 


Find it on Bandcamp, Youtube, & Soundcloud

Fuck Valentine's day

Next Spot To catch us live!!


Last Laugh Records proudly presents the 3rd Annual VICES 4 VALENTINES.
headlining performance by LYTE (Psychopathic Records).
performing live: Four Unique Mindz, Sketch Artist, Ant-G, Suicide Saints, Clean North Soldiers, Burt Blaze and Deranged. 
Sounds by DJ D (Monstar ENT.)
Doors @ 7:30. 18 & Up. 
Must have valid ID to enter event.
Live @ Diesel Lounge
33151 23 Mile Road
Chesterfield, MI 48047
*A Leave your BS at Home Event*



Over the past few months we have been very hidden behind the curtains in saint land. things have become chaotic, but still haven't reached a hault, so lets get y'all muhfuckas up to date with what's happened since the drop of the "conversationz" video back in september...


october: we rocked the night of fear with murder house records, exclusively leaking some tracks from this year's sainthain (which we'll get to later..)


november: we rocked the legalize it show with the homies at roxxxtv. right before weed actually got legalized here in michigan, so boo-yah. we helped.

December: we returned to mac's bar, here in lansing with our homie jimi kanklez to rock the 9th annual unkalled 4 christmas show. shit was a blast, and was made even more fresh without an hour plus drive back.

also december: we released sainthain 20h18. late as fuck. but packed full of angry, depressed, suicidal halloween tracks. probably one of the darkest yet.

also, also december: we were not feeling up to writing and recording a saintsmas carols mixtape this year. this is the first year we ever decided not to, but we still didn't come to the holidays empty handed, thanks to dxwnbeat who put together a fresh screwed & chopped greatest saintsmas carols mixtape titled "a slow murder on saintsmas".

both of these mixtapes are available for free download at suicidesaints.bandcamp.com. sorry to not have them added to the master playlist yet, but, bitch, we busy!! 

also, also, also december: we rocked a new year's eve show, again with the homies from roxxxtv, but this time we had lars headlining. shit was epic. sounds of xo came out and headlined the afterparty. we got out late as shit. we're dead. 

so yeah, as you see there's a few things we needed to fill y'all in on, but we should be up to date now! keep tuning into the scrubcast every monday night at 9:30 pm est for the most constant updates in saint land. Much love, and fuck 20h18! See y'all next year!! 

Sorry To be so isolated



november 3rd we'll be rocking with roxxxtv yet again, this time celebrating the michigan legalization of le chronic!! come out to simon's after dark and party with us!! 

performances by; WIL E HAZE, BAKE LO, GENGHIS GANJ, TWO, SUICIDE SAINTS, KNOWLEDGE DA MC, VALO, MEDIKAL RECORDZ, sonik fright, kurtis tripp, & more!!

also special guest DJ TONY SMOKER.

$10 to get in!! come the fuck out!! 

RoxxxTv Presents: "Legalize it"!!

The first official Music Video Is Here!!


Saints' army, the time has finally come! the first ever official suicide saints video has been released!! 

The time has come to unleash a new level of sickness onto the world. The Master deems you all worthy of this gift. As promised, we deliver unto you a spectacle. Be entertained, be brought to joy, be prepared for a new era of the Suicide Saints! But first, let us have a few...Conversationz...


Huge shoutout to RoxxxTv and DarkSyde Acres Haunted House for helping complete the first ritual...er...um... video!


​update!! this has been removed from the master collection to keep out too many repeats, so if you didn't act quick, you missed the fuck out on your digital download for this!

We released and passed out 13 free physical copies of this fresh as fuck compilation October 13th at the 5th annual Friday the 13th Crystal Lake Blood Bath in Chesterfield, Michigan.

"The Saint Master Collection" wouldn't be true to the title if it didn't include everything, so now it's 13 songs longer. You can download all 13 for FREE straight from the site.

This includes tracks from "Sainthain 2016", "Sainthain 2017" (Coming soon), "Tirocinium", "rough shit 3", and the Friday the 13th single we made specifically for the Blood Bath!!

so get the fuck off the news tab for a second, go check out "saintly sounds" under the "murderous media" tab and get your sainthain fix a little early before the full drop!! then continue bumping 100+ other songs of sainty dopeness!! 

Friday the 13th Sainthain Compilation ar

Sainthain Lives!!!


from now until mid-december we are forcing sainthain to live on!! during this time in our celebrations, we are giving tricks and treats to all the saints' army who purchases a physical copy of "tirocinium"! 

until the stroke (teehee "stroke") of 11:59 pm december 14th every copy of "tirocinium" will come with physical copies of both "sainthain 2016" and "sainthain 2017"!! three cds for the price of one type shit! 

this may be the only time you can get physical copies of the "sainthain" cds because they are not for sale, so move quick!! and if you're broke, make sure you got the free downloads to still celebrate anyway!! 

spread the word to the masses!! #sainthainlives!!



On The Rockz Ent proudly present The TOYS IN THE HOOD SHOW. It's happening big time at Harpos concert theatre. Sat Dec. 9th come out for a fun-filled time and for a great cause.

Performing from Psychopathic Records we bring you Dj Clay, Big Hoodoo, and Ouija Macc. 

Also special guest performances by Scum from Lsp and J-Remy. 

Spinning on the one's and two's is the one and only Dj Sidious. Show is hosted by The Rude Boy.

Other performances by: Knowledge Da Mc, Suicide Saints, Jay, Paramaxx, True C, & The Real Prophecy.

This is for a great cause. No kids without a toy. We are doing a toy drive presented by Chicano Revolution. Bring in a unwrapped gift and get entered in a raffle to win a prize. There are kids in a time of need so let's fulfill their Christmas this year!!!

Doors are at 6 pm so come early, it is an all ages event.

We have pre sale tickets going for $25 a ticket, or its $30 at the door. 

12/9 we return to detroit for toys in the hood!!


DJ D is joining the Scrubcast 1/29!!


The first guest of 20H18 shall be the one and only Dj D!! Make sure to drop a like on his Facebook page and get acquainted!! You've seen him running the sounds all over the muhfuckin place, so this is a chance to really get to know him!! Tune in and kick it at 9:30 pm EST!! Join the live chat FREE at spreaker.com/suicidesaints 


Sponsored & Supported by Four48 Radio & Backhand Studios


A Moment To Play Catch-up...

(With a show update)!!


We've been slacking on keeping the updates on here as of late, so here's a chance to summarize with everybody bout what the fuck's been and is going on!! 

On Valentine's Day we dropped a new FREE Ep for the holiday. Of course, Spookie came up with some fresh Valentine-y art for it yet again. This EP included a track about re-living the Columbine and shooting up our school. Later in the day, a school in Florida was shot up. WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT. WE ARE KURS'D!!!

February 19th, we had our homies from Jackson, the Michigan Misfits join us in the Saint Cave for a very smoked up Scrubcast. With the normal Saint Luck, we had one brief shutdown, but had it back up and running within minutes, so if you look in the archives you will find TWO parts to that episode. If you weren't there live, you missed out, but you can at least still play it back. just find it on the Scrubcast tab. Hooked up.

We recently announced our next guest of 20H18 will be our local to Lansing homie, Valo. This is gonna be going down March 12th, and you can see the Facebook event page for details.

Last but not least, March 3rd we will be returning to the Diesel Lounge in Chesterfield, Michigan (the same spot as the 5th Crystal Lake Blood Bath) for the 3rd Annual Winter Blast Bash. Main eventing is Swifty McVay (D-12) and Obie Trice!! We got tickets on hand, but being so close to the show won't be posting them on the online store. If you need one, just contact us and we'll hold it, or meet you beforehand if possible.

Now, that's ALOT of muhfuckin information to sink in at once, so hope you're still with us! More shit on the horizon as well! 

Much love and 7 Shinez!!


party with us in flint for 4/20


​This year for 4/20 we partyin' the proper way with the homie DJ-D in Flint!! If you are a MMMP cardholder your'll be able to get in this event for $10!! Doors open at 9AM and the celebration lasts all day till 11PM. Lots of fresh performances, and muhfuckin' activities n shit!! Headlining the show is the one and only Skitzo, along with performances by us, Napaulm, Ant G, G-Beanz, Z Diesel, and more!!! 

If you can make it to this show you will have the opportunity to get a copy of our next little compilation album... This time, one for the Suicide Stoners!! A brand new mix of old and new tracks for our weedhead homies featuring everything dropping on this year's 4/20 mixtape "Slasher Sessionz" and more!! Be there fuckers!!



​Available now for FREE DOWNLOAD is another 4/20 gift for the Saints Army!! With the way the planets aligned, the Saints turned into Freddy and Jason again!! With April 13th being a Friday, shit got crazy again, and stayed crazy with an entire #MurderWeek leading right to 4/20!! So Freddy and Jason got high, killed some people, and continued getting high to celebrate!! Fresh as fuck art done up by the one and only Spookie! Snatch this shit for free off our Bandcamp, which you can find right here on the site easy! Click the "Murderous Media" tab, then "Saintly Sounds", then scroll zee fuck down!! Get any other downloads you don't already have while you're there!! All tracks will be added to the Master Playlist soon as well!! 

Happy 4/20 you stoned, serial killing fucks!! 

Slasher Sessionz is now available!!

Conversationz Video Promo Flyer.jpg


Earlier this week Satan let us loose at DarkSyde Acres Haunted House with RoxxxTv. In doing so, some wonderful visuals were captured. Perhaps a beauty you can only find in your most wonderful nightmares. These nightmares will come to life soon. Bask in the era of Tirocinium with us.

Original photo by Beth Lonski (Pre-edit)

First Video From "Tirocinum" coming soon!


​the suicide saints' official website has finally infected the internet!

Welcome to the site! our hope is that this will become your one-stop-shop for all things Suicide Saints. Here's a basic rundown of the site for those of you New to the page:


-Welcome- our Home page features a gallery of awesome pictures from ourselves and fans, a built in player for the latest music from the Suicide Saints, and a built in player for the Scrubcast (our weekly podcast).

-What's Goin' On?- Our news page is updated regularly with music and entertainment news from the Suicide Saints and our homies as well as updates on the website itsself.

-"who da fuq is you doe?!"- our bio page features an up-to-date biography of the Suicide Saints and it's members

-Murderous Media- Our media link features a regularly updated gallery of recent media from the Suicide Saints as well sub pages dedicated to music, video, photography, and the podcast

-A forum reborn!!!- The Saint's army Forum is reborn here on therealsuicidesaints.com. this members only section of the site is dedicated to giving our fans a direct link to us and each other!

-Buy stuff- Our retail page allows you to buy all our fresh Saints goodies! fun for the whole family!!!

-contact us- a direct e-mail form for technical, business, and booking inquiries.

have fun exploring and welcome to the site! ~cap & Bam

therealsuicidesaints.com has launched



The Suicide Saints make their Detroit debut at the legendary Harpos, opening for the equally legendary Brotha Lynch Hung!

All ages show. 
Advance tickets $20, available from any of the performing acts!
$25 at the door.
Doors @ 6:30 PM, Show starts @ 8 PM.
Featuring perfomances by: Suicide Saints, 
Four Unique Mindz (4UM), Kovax, The Brimstone Lab, KPZ & Z-Diesel, Napaulm, Jay, Deranged Brotherz, & Shorty 40.

This show is gonna be one for the Record books! Come out and rage!!!

Saints & Brotha Lynch Hung in detroit!!



To coincide with the equinox and the launch of our dope new website, the debut lp from the suicide saints, 'tirocinium', has finally arrived! Produced entirely by the 6th element and featuring contributions from DJ koolwhip of four48 radio, ryan wilson of Shattered sounds productions, and the illustrious Spookie of Killa koncepts! 


Tirocinium is the first chapter of the Saints' Saga, an epic tale of the journey of two sick fucks on a quest to change to face of rap...better yet...the world! whether or not it's for the better depends on how much you like blood, gore, drugs, and and a ceaseless army of the damned...

tirocinium released!!


A Saint Return to the 5th crystal lake blood bath!!


The Saints are making their Triumphant return to the Bloodbath alongside many dope artist!

Last Laugh Records [KPZ] & Undaground Soundz Administration [U.G.A.] with sponsorship from HearItNation.com, Medikal Recordz, & DiviAudi Studios present The 5th Annual Friday The 13th Crystal Lake Blood Bath!
A yearly musical festival that keeps growing and getting better each time. This year the event will be held at Diesel Concert Lounge in Chesterfield, Michigan. 
Hosted by Killer Ken of The Kill Show (www.thekillshow.com)
Holding down the sounds: DJ D [Monstar Ent].
Live Performances from: MBK [My Brothers Keeper], St. Luke, Four Unique Mindz [4UM], Medikal Recordz, ZanyboyZ, Mike Ku5h, G-Beanz, Enoch & Jay Willy, U.G.A., DeRaNgEd, Suicide Saints, Napaulm, Rodacious da Ruffest, & BME.
$50 Best Dressed Horror Costume Contest
Friday The 13th Sexy Bloodbath Hockey Chicks On Patrol 
more to be announced

Friday the 13th compilation now available online!!