Le Roseville Tripp with le homie Kurtis Tripp!!

Where to even begin.... Hmm... with a dab... Now some Pink Floyd?.. Works... And here.... we.... go....

Photo by Jack Smith

Twas a muhfuckin dope night all in all, which of course I showed up later than planned. But Cap was on time and even got to do some muhfuckin opening stand-up comedy!! Keep an eye out for that video soon!! Even I gotta watch it cuz at that point I was in the parking lot cutting CD art for a sampler we made with Spookie and the homies E-Dubb and Half Pint. And of course smoking weed while meeting up with all the homies I could find in the parking lot. The homie Kurtis Tripp was already roaming around, we found Ant G shortly after, KPZ popped up and I had no clue we were even gonna see him, so it was fresh as fuck! DJ D pulled up with Lyte from Psychopathic and he saw me in the trunk cutting all the art up and gave us huge props for it.

After getting as much shit together as we could, we made our way inside and the show was beginning. Everyone murdered shit that hit the stage too, literally every single act was fucking dope. KPZ and UGA even jumped up and spit one of their collabs on some "surprise, surprise" shit.

Of course the homie Ant G always stands out to us at any show, with his singin and spittin and the energy he brings, it's always nuts. If you've ever had the chance to catch him live and you missed it, you might need to get ya fuckin brain checked. You might be crazier than I am. You fucking psycho. Camphire Connection killed shit as always too, and y'all muhfuckas can expect to start hearing their shit spun on the Scrubcast. Cuz it's too fresh not to and Savior Monroe gave us the go ahead. So prepare yo-muhfuckin-selves!! Medikal Recordz are already known to murder stages as well, so that shit goes without saying. The stage was murdered. There, I fucking said it. So much murder I dunno how none of us are in prison right now. Everyone killed it, and I blend up names and performances so I don't wanna fuck up, but if they played, it was dope. From start to finish.

When we hit the stage we straight lost it too. All drenched in blood with the homie Half Pint drunk as fuck being the wicketshit non-crackhead Flava Flav. The crowd was losing their fucking minds with us, so that ended up with us on the floor most of the time jumping around with everyone. Lyte himself was in the pit going fucking crazy. When we finished the set he gave us HUUUGE love. He was saying after touring all over there's only a few people who could get him that hype, and we were part of that few now. The respect and props were very highly appreciated. Come to find out the homies Ant G and DJ D had already been talking to him about us alot too. Real ass muhfuckin homies. I hear they'll be in Lansing on the 12th too at the Loft, so y'all muhfuckas better be there. We tryna be in that bitch too.

Of course headlining the show was our new muhfuckin homie Kurtis Tripp. He came out and fucking rocked it. The crowd had started thinning out a little sadly at that point, but he still killed that shit. We stayed front and center the whole muhfuckin set and our Fairytales were definitely Gentrificated... I think... if that's a thing... If it's not, it is now, fuck it.

All in all, it's just another brick in the wall... Wait, that's not what I was supposed to say... Fuck it, lets roll with it, all in all, it was another fucking epic event with alot of the homies. Made some new fans, met some people, and kicked it with alot of the old homies. UGA did a great job hosting and bouncing all around taking pictures, the homie Z-Diesel was in the building, and shit a bunch of other people, I'm just a fucking stoner, and I don't need no education. Don't think I need anything at allll. No. Don't think I need anything at all. Hope to see y'all at the next one with R.O.C.! Much love if you made it and got ya hands on the all new Mystery Compilation!! Thank you Grady's and Roseville!!!

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