Weed hang-overs CAN still happen?!?!?

Where to even begin?... Holy shit, 4/20 was fucking phenomenal!! Cap was there hours before me waiting for it to pop off, so he'll probably have more he can tell on the morning side of things, but it started off on my end (with Spookie of course) with our normal wake up and start getting high routine. This is nothing particular to 4/20, we do this every single day, but of course. Step one of opening eyes... Get high. It was the muhfuckin ass crack of dawn, and we'd already been up all night finishing up "Slasher Sessionz" to get it ready for it's 4/20 drop. Now I had to put together the muhfuckin "Suicide Stoner Compilation" to pass out at the show. Of course, with Saint Luck it didn't go anywhere near as quick as it was supposed to, and then to top that off the art came out blurry as fuck. So we fixed it, then it came out still blurry, but not to the "as fuck" point, so we said "fuck it" and went with it. This put us a couple hours behind the schedule we'd given ourselves, so we hit the highway for Flint right after. A few joints later, we pop up and find Cap already there with pizza, giving me and Spookie WONDERFUL ideas. We went and got pizza. And yo, when the commercials say those stuffed crust extra most bestest cheesiest pizzas at Little Ceasers' are the "cheesiest", they ain't lying. In Pennsylvania y'all are whack as shit, but in Michigan it's a whole new game. But anyways, on past that. So after retrieving this wonderful cheesy deliciousness, we head back to the spot. The homie Ant G and DJ D both came out to the parking lot to kick it for a bit, hooked Ant up with some pizza and got some of our shit together, then head inside.

Walking in the door my muhfuckin mind blew. I think this time after suicide I ended up missing the exit to hell and ended up in heaven. Weed smoke was just filling the muhfuckin room. There was rigs all up on the bar and weed everywhere. It was literally the same shit you see walking into a dope bar, but just replace ALL the alcohol with weed. Wasn't any alcohol at all in that bitch, but you couldn't look anywhere without seeing weed or dabs or something of the sort. Edibles too. Me and Spookie got this fresh berry sorbet thing, however the fuck that shit's spelled. Shit was nuuuuts. Fuckin video games, pool table, couches, random phone charger ports, TVs, a fuckin kitchen with chicken and nachos and sloppy joes n shit, coffee, chocolate milk, candy, chips, redbull, gatorade, bumpin music, little outdoor area with some shit called Hillbilly Golf that I fucked Cap up in, and we went live on Facebook with a game with Ant and D. I would live in that fucking place if I could.

Well first thing I did in that bitch was spark a j of course, then it just never ended. J after j, blunt after blunt, dab after dab. Around 4:20 we matched a blunt with the homie Z-Diesel. Ended up smoking a shit ton with both him and G Beanz all through the day. They seemed to constantly have a blunt going around.

So after hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of heavy smoking, the homie Napaulm showed up, and shortly after that, Skitzo. We set up at some long ass tables and got like 4 or 5 fatties and a couple dab pens going around in rotation. Soon later, the show began. And remember, I was high as fuuuuck so I may have the order of occurrences wrong, but fuck it, I'ma try lol. There were also some performers in between the ones I'ma list, but I didn't get any CDs or flyers so I can't remember names. It was 4/20. We was high as fuck. We needs something to remember the next day lol. From what I recall, Napaulm hit the stage first I believe and the show really began. As always, dude muhfuckin murdered that shit. By now I've seen him live prolly 4 or 5 times, and each time has crazy energy and brings a dope performance. Always stoked to be able to share a stage with him. Next up if I remember correctly was Z Diesel and G-Beanz. Y'all should be familiar with them as well seeing you've heard em on the Scrubcast. Shit, come to think of it, y'all should be familiar with a good few of the cats who played. It was like a 4/20 Scrubcast homie show almost! Those two definitely put on an amazing show though, singing and rapping they muhfuckin asses off. Next up, if I remember right was us. Finally, we had a chance again to fucking smoke on stage so of course I busted out a blunt towards the end. Of course at the worst timing though cuz as I was struggling tryna light it with a dying lighter, Cap stumbled on a new verse and I wasn't paying enough attention to try to save him lol. Sorry n shit, Cap! We have now learned his limits though, because we know he's not one to drop a whole verse lol. He did smoke alot though, so I can vouch for that. Fairly close to what I smoked even probably. Proud of him. *sniffle sniffle* but now he must limit him before a set lol. All in all, I think we did pretty dope though. I haven't seen the footage yet and I was high though, so we may have sucked. Either way, it'll be posted soon and we'll find out! Although I hear the phone died part way through and Beth had to bust out a different one, so there may be a chunk missing. Sorry n shit. Gotta love technology. The homies said we killed it though, and Skitzo himself came right up to us after and gave us props saying we killed it. I did see him in the crowd the whole time too and that was a fucking honor. I've met him many times over the past few months and never even told him I rapped, so hopefully it'll stick for him. But again, we was high as fuck, so who knows lol.

At this point I know a few more people ended up performing, some of em really fucking dope too, it just becomes the time where I can't remember introductions lol. High, I tell you! But after wandering back outside a bit for a cigarette, finding a fresh fucking fire had been started, and watching Ant G singing to the fire high as shit, we made our way back inside. This was about the time he hit the stage. He started his set with one of my favorite songs from him "ODMJ (Overdose on Marijuana). He fucking murdered the whole set, but this was my favorite part right from the get cuz I bump that song regularly and was stoked to see it live. Even DJ D hopped on and spit his "hot 3" lol. Shit was fucking epic. Then he tore up the entire rest of his set with ease. Nothing but dope tracks start to finish. After Ant, another cat came up who I have no clue what his name is. But he sounded like a solo Bone Thugs almost. R&B mixed with a smooth old school hip hop style. Hopefully Cap got his name, cuz I for sure wanna hear more.

Last to hit the stage was the muhfuckin main event, Skitzo. I tried to go live, but my phone is a piece of shit so the visuals were fucked, but you can still at least hear it! Everytime he hits a stage as well he murders that shit. He's made both myself and Spookie into big fans over the past bit of time we've been out here. I'd known who he was for a while, but after seeing him live a few times he's become one of the cats who got music that stays stuck in my head. If you ever have the chance to see him perform, DO NOT miss it!

Now, for some more stoned "oops" shit. It was this point I remembered we had CDs. So I handed Cap a stack, and took a stack myself. We passed out as many as we could, but I still got a few. Expect em in packages the next few orders till we run out lol. This means you too Rashad since it's taking so fucking long to get this new shirt design perfect for you! On the other stoned "oops"... We didn't realize there was a smoking area for cigarettes and thought we could go back to the car as we pleased. We were wrong. So we weren't fresh off a suicide with bulletholes in our heads for this one. But fuck it, we was STONED. We didn't need effects, we was just STONED lol.

When all was said and done, we wandered our baked asses back out to the car and finished smashing that cold ass pizza. Then drove off into the night back to Lansing to wake up early as shit again so Spookie could go to work. All in all though, a fucking epic night, and the best 4/20 I've had in years. Thank you DJ D for having us out there. Flint is the muhfucking shit, and the Vehicle City Lounge is like a little piece of heaven. We hope we can be invited back sometime very soon! Much love and thank you to everyone who came out and supported! Can't wait to see y'all again May 5th!

P.S. My apologies for not getting entries in for the last couple shows, been busy as FUCK with work, but you can always hear all about em every Monday night on the Scrubcast!!

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