Freddy vs Jason: A Bloodbath of Epic Proportions

It's October 16th and i still haven't fully recovered from the 5th Annual Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake Bloodbath. My voice is still scratchy, my bones ache, there's even a 4in gash in my chest slowly, all in all A FUCKING AWESOME NIGHT!!!

I'm not being sarcastic, in fact I haven't had a show feel so good in SO LONG. My voice hurts because i put my literal all into my delivery and screamed all night hyping my fellow Artists (all of whom killed shit). I lost my voice, got it back then lost it again in the same night! My bones? Well I'm an old fuck who jumped around like a rabbit for 20 minutes then ran around all night acting foolish. That's just part of growing up, like Metamucil and shaking canes at kids. I know, i know, you're thinking, "get to the gash part, Cap. We don't care about that weak shit we wanna talk about BLOOD!" Well, fine...jerks... See, when I get extra hype and really into a performance i tend to beat my head and chest. Not some pussy little slap, either. I mean I beat myself up like I stole my Xbox and sold it for rock candy. Normally that wouldn't be an issue, except that i was wearing a giant, violent, contraption on my hand with which I assaulted myself. That fuckin' glove did a number on me. I got home, saw blood, and thought "Damn, the shit leaked through the outside of my sweater!" No, no it did not. It was my own and boy did it sting like a motherfucker when I went to scrub it off with a fuckin' alcohol pad! Oh well, live and learn. Or in our case, live, die, live again, hurt yourself, then learn.

Well, enough about me, let's talk about the SHOW! In fact, I'm gonna list a bunch of awesome stuff since Bam pretty much covered the detailed story, ok? OK?! FUCK!

  • First off, shout out to Jet's pizza. Idk anything about your pizza, but those sweet chili

  • Literally every artist on the show, i got to interact with at one point and all y'all were cool as fuck.

  • Huge love to Rodacious, that dude killed it and his flow is genuine and shows the are still OG MCs out there with love for the craft.

  • Ant G, bruh you and your crew the MVPs for reaching out. This cat hollered me down with his boys, complimented my Makeu...I mean, my burns, gave me a fat joint of some KILL, and then proceeded to act like i was just another one of the homies.

  • Zanyboyz energy was thru the roof and i fux with that hardcore! Keep an eye out for that collab, y'all...

  • UGA, KPZ, 4UM all y'all killed it as always and I appreciate the hell outta y'all and all the hard work on and off stage!

  • G Beanz and MBK put on like a motherfucker and deserved a much bigger crowd, but i still rocked with em all Set!

  • Deranged was a beast. I'm honored to finally meet him and get to share a stage with him. There'll definitely be more of that in the future!

  • Napaulm is one of the catchiest dudes ice heard in a minute. His hooks get stuck in my dome daily now. I'm at work like "BACK NOW...'mumble'...WHACK WOW..." under my breath. I gotta cop a CD and you should too!

  • I freestyled for the first time successfully! This shit is a miracle cuz i suckkkkk at freestyle!

  • Last but not least, the utmost love to my brother Bam. None of this shit happens without ya, homie. Killer set, killer freestyle, killer killing!

So, all in all an unforgettable night that I'm so proud to be part of! What will next time have in store? I guess we'll have to wait until least Bams back to normal now...and I'm starting to feel a bit less crispy...


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