Skin still pruned from a muhfuckin' Blood Bath!!

Okay, maybe not so much "pruned" as stained... because I can't seem to get this fucking blood off me no matter how much I scrub!! I guess this is life now. I am forever blood stained. I can live with that. Anyway.............Tis now Sunday, the 15th. Du dun duuuuuuuun!!!

A couple nights ago, the Sainty crew made our way out to Chesterfield, Michigan for the fifth annual Friday the 13th Crystal Lake Blood Bath brought to you by our homies at Last Laugh Records and Undaground Sounds Administration. We have now attended two out of these five, and both have been some of our favorite events we've been apart of. Do you remember the third?? Do ya? Do ya? When I was booked when the Saints were only a few months old (an adorable little baby) and we both came and made it super-ultra-mega epic to the millionth power?? The member berries remember, so eat some and you will too!! We even ended up dropping our only live EP to date after the third annual, go check it the fuck out if you haven't!! Buuut, back on track...

So after a few joints and an hour and a half or so of a drive, we (as in me and Spookie cuz Cap, Beth, and the homie Daycel headed out early to get us set up a little) pulled up. Cap came out to say wussup and show us around the inside. One of the first muhfuckas I ran into is one of my best friends in the fucking world who I rarely get to see DJ Moondancer. Back during Disciplez days he was the DJ for the majority of what Carib and I would do, but even beyond that he was my muhfuckin neighbor in Windsor! We had a dope ass duplex where he was on one side, I was on the other, and we shared a big ass porch that was fresh for day long coffee!!

He came out with a bunch of his equipment to make one of the stages look evil and dope as fuck. Fog machines that lit up colors, a screen projector thing, lights n shit, was fucking crazy. So after hugging him and twisting his nipples (no homo) a couple times we headed back out so Spookie could transform into a crazy muhfuckin demon clown, Cap could get a little more burnt up, and I could take a bullet to the muhfuckin dome. And of course smoke more weed, cuz you know, you got to smoke more weed. We ended up meeting Jason Vorhees out there, and he apparently was way too blazed and kinda just chilled with us. Good peoples.

By the time we get back inside, things were just starting, Cap and Beth sold a couple copies of Tirocinium, the Sainthain Compilations were going out, and zee ball was rollin' (into Cap's mouth). DJ D was there from the Lynch show again, and of course a good few of the homies. At one point in the night we even ran into Flagrant from Native World. He was rockin' an all black and red RLP shirt as well, so I had to stop and give him props. He complimented Spookie's special ef... I mean her being a clown and me being dead. Yeah. That.

Throughout the night the shows were bouncing back and forth between two stages and popping the fuck off. Killer Ken from the Kill Show was keeping shit hype as fuck the whole time between sets, it started right with a bang. Rodacious was one of the first on stage, but nonetheless he was straight murdering shit. Cap's still been talking about his set, he was feeling it so much. We ended up catching Napaulm's set as well, who also was at the Lynch show. Not only did he kill shit, he also threw joints and money in the crowd. The money we didn't really give a shit, but Spookie scooped up a j (by the way, if you end up coming across this shit, Napaulm, that shit was fire. Mad props).

I'm sorry in advance if I leave people out, I'm a stoner and my brain no works so good sometimes, but shit continued to pop off into the night. We caught a bunch of dope ass shit going on from everybody, ZanyboyZ were like they were on a trampoline on stage bouncing all over the muhfuckin place. Was fresh as fuck to catch them. Deranged murdered himself and then murdered the stage to the point me and RJMT even had to roll him out in a casket to wake from the motherfucking dead to rock shit again, which he may have just done in another dimension and traveled back to the past to do it again... in the present. Holy shit. I even jumped on for a couple tracks on his set to start it off. Four Unique Mindz are always one of the dopest sets to catch any night I've seen them. Fuck a Redbull, if you need energy, catch those fuckers live. Straight up. And specially for the Blood Bath they brought out one of their old school homies and played some of their shit from years back. Shit was definitely fresh. UGA of course murdered shit as well, as we all knew he would. He involved a few of his homies to make it that much fresher as well. And I do think he may have stabbed someone that night because his shirt had bloody prints all over it and shit, but that is purely speculation. We ended up hitting the stage after him, and we had free candy AND brought Deranged up. So if you weren't there, not only did you miss a dope show with double the Deranged, you also missed FREE CANDY. Try not to shoot yourself, but you fucked up.

You know what else you missed? We jumped up on stage at the end of the night with UGA and a couple of the other homies and freestyled off the top of our muhfuckin sizzled domes! Shit was fresh! Or so it may have been, we could find some footage later and say we fucked up, but IN THE TIME IT WAS GOLD!!! Or shall I say red? Blood bath... Yeah, red. I tried a muhfuckin Spinarooni too! I think I have a bruise.... Oh, and Deranged got me to drink a beer. Uh-oh guys, I think I fell off the wagon!!!

To sum it all up, this event was dope as fuck! And we're ecstatic to see what KPZ and UGA do for the 6(66)th annual!!

P.S. This time, it wasn't Steak & Shake, but Taco Bell. Yes, Taco Bell. It was closer.... And tacos....

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