The Brotha Lynch Hung show is in the books!

After the long months of promotion, the time finally approached last night. As the Saints, this show was absolute history to us. Not only did we present the first few physical copies of Tirocinium into the world, we opened for an absolute legend. Brotha Lynch Hung is a HUGE inspiration to who we are as the Saints, and has been to me since years before the Saints were even born.

The day started off hectic, as any show does. Me and Spookie up early running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to feed the zoo and get the last few things done and together. Cap and Beth running off to get the homie Daycel. Me in the basement rolling multiple blunts and joints for the road, etc etc. The normal show prep shit that we always end up doing last minute. Cap and his crew took off an hour or so before me and Spookie, but after running to the same store back to back, we hit Steak & Shake, the gas station, and zoom zoom, bitches. Off to Detroit.

The first muhfucka I see when I get there (after finding Cap) was the homie UGA. I been rocking with dude for years now, and every time I see him it's fresh as fuck. He's a dope ass muhfucka through and through. We chopped it up for a while, knocked out a fresh interview you'll be able to find on his YouTube soon, got some pictures, and got him his copy of Tirocinium. Didn't even tell him to his face, but that copy was the FIRST EVER physical copy put into the world. Anything else people are bumping from Tirocinium is digital n shit. Gotta love the new age.

Next we saw was the man himself who made this happen, KPZ. He was roaming around all night doing all the crazy behind the scenes shit that has to be done to make an event function, so we didn't get a whole, whole lot of "kick it time". Plus he rocked two sets that night, one with Z-Diesel and the other with 4 Unique Mindz. Both sets were fresh as fuck too. Was the first time we caught Z-Diesel, but we already knew 4UM was gonna come with that dope shit. Luckily we had a quick second after to chop it up with Dope da Vinci too.

Not to mention, beyond the event itself, Harpo's is looking amazing! They have built up and fixed alot over the years, if you haven't caught an event there, you fuckin need to, fucker! Do it!!

Anyways, after lots of smoking, and wandering, and me and Cap getting locked in the venue while the homies was outside still until UGA could rescue us, the show got started. Every muhfucka that hit the stage was killin it. DJ was on point all night, especially when he started bumpin Esham through the building. At some point in the night the home girl Leah attacked us and scared my stoned ass to death almost. But it's always fresh to see her, and it added some dopeness that she was out rocking her Saint shirt!

DJ Clay came out hypin the crowd with Bailz, and we caught an artist who was brand new to us. This cat C-Mob came out on stage and just straight murdered shit. He ended up passing us his album Masterpiece of Mind on the way out, so Cap passed him back a copy of Tirocinium. I know I'll be bumpin that album in the future very soon too.

After he got off stage, Lynch came out and straight murdered shit. The set was short, but dope from start to finish. Came with some old school shit, some Coathanger Strangler era shit, and some new shit from Kevlar. Even rocked an accapella of "Rest in Piss". He was real as fuck about shit though and explained this is the "pre-Kevlar" tour, and after the album drops he'll be going on the full tour, which would be a more full set. So muhfuckas gonna just have to wait n see what happens! But if he comes back out this way, chances are we'll be there. Opening or not.

To sum up, it was a dope as fuck night kickin it with the homies on the east side! Much love to KPZ and Four Unique Mindz, Last Laugh Records, UGA, Brotha Lynch Hung, DJ Clay, Bailz, Kovax, The Brimstone Lab and everyone who came out! Sorry for those I didn't list, I smoke way too much weed!

P.S. The total Steak & Shake visits became two with the second at 3 or 4ish am when we got back to Lansing. Steak & Shake's dope as fuck, but Michigan needs a Cook-out. Protest that shit in Washington.

(photo by KPZ)

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